Tracking your hours

Families attending Lincoln Academy are requested to volunteer 40 hours of service per year per family.
Volunteer hours can be accumulated through field trips, classroom help, chaperons, school kitchen help, and programs directed by the school and parent council. Volunteer opportunities may be found on the main Volunteer page of our website.

Volunteer hours are recorded online under the volunteer link. A user name and password is required to access the online volunteer program. Once an account has been registered you may record your volunteer hours.

A computer is available at the front desk for patrons to record hours as they come in to the school in the clock in and out format. Under this format choose either “Volunteer for a Person” or “Volunteer for an Activity”. Select your option from the drop down and continue to “clock in”. When leaving the school, pull up your entry and “clock out”.

The third option is to “Add Time” which can be done from school or at home. A details box will open up
to enter a description of the volunteer service with dates. Complete the details and tab to enter total time of service completed. Save changes.

Your volunteer history will be maintained at the bottom of the page.