Miss Valdon


Hello my name is Dahl Valdon, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to begin my teaching career at Lincoln Academy as a first grade teacher!  I am from a small town in the Northeastern Wyoming corner of the state.  I come from a family of five, with an older brother and a younger sister.  I student taught in a small kindergarten class and loved every minute of it.  I recently graduated from the University of Wyoming in May (Go Cowboys!) with a BA in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood.  I have always enjoyed being around young children; they are so full of life and are such an inspiration to me.

I have had an undeniable passion to become an elementary school teacher ever since I was a young elementary student myself.  I would spend my summers off from school “playing school” with my younger sister.  I remember collecting all of my allowance money, going to the store, and spending it on school supplies.  We would then have “class” in the living room of our house, and I would read to her and help her learn how to write.

Teaching has always come natural to me, and I have always had a desire to help young children learn.  I believe that teaching is a calling that can directly impact the future.  I believe so strongly that children need to know that they are valued for their own individual unique talents and personalities.  It is my role as their teacher to provide various learning activities that will aide in the development of each and every student and to build in them the ability and desire to become lifelong learners.

I have grown up around wonderful teachers who have played significant roles in my life and the lives of my family members.  I think the most important way a teacher can show their students they care is throughout listening and being their friend.  It is my goal for this school year to have a positive impact on my students, one that they will remember forever!