Ms. Lenhart


I am the oldest of 5 children.  I have four younger brothers and no sisters.  As a child my family moved around Utah a lot and even spent a short time in Colorado.  Eventually we settled in Lehi and have been in Utah County ever since.

After graduating high school, and with a desire to continue learning, I moved Logan, Utah.  There I attended Utah State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.  I loved the time I spent in Logan and I am proud to be an Aggie!

Growing up my family was always very passionate about learning. We were encouraged to ask questions and seek out answers to things we didn’t understand. This passion for learning has followed me throughout my life. As a teacher I have the opportunity to share this passion with my students.

When I am not teaching you will often find me reading.  There is nothing quite like sitting down with a good book and escaping the world. I love to share my enthusiasm for reading with my students.  As I share something I love with them they begin to love it as well.  There is nothing more inspiring than watching them get involved in a story and wanting to know what is going to happen next.

I absolutely love teaching Special Education here at Lincoln Academy. It is my dream job. I get to work closely with some of the most amazing students I have ever met.  Every day is a new adventure, filled with exciting things. I really enjoy helping my students learn and discover those things.