Mrs. Tucker


As a Language Arts teacher here at Lincoln Academy, I love working with students and an administration of the highest caliber. I believe in the ability to positively progress in good learning environments, and I know that Lincoln Academy is fostering these environments and teaching children, not only subject matter, but also how to learn. I love the language Arts and all of the complexities they present, and I have seen the benefits of their study in myself as well as in the lives of those I teach. I love working with the middle school students, and I know that the English Department’s curriculum will challenge and engage them. I cannot wait to read, write, and think about the English language with my students this year.

Originally from Lehi, Utah, I attended Brigham Young University after my graduation from Lehi High. During my time at BYU, I studied Comparative Literature, specializing in English and Serbian Literature, and the Visual Arts. I have a strong love of language, and my humanities background has helped me to embrace the beauties and intricacies of the English language in particular. In addition to Lehi and Provo, I have lived in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and Macedonia, and have a deep love of the cultures and people of these countries. My time abroad solidified my belief that by studying a language, a student has greater access to understanding a culture; the English language being no exception.

My teaching philosophy is idealistic. I know that each student can succeed, and I believe in working through a variety of methods to enable students to discover how they can best learn for themselves. I also believe in fun, and I can’t wait to have lots of it with my students this year!