Mrs. Holcombe

Mrs. HolcombeAfter 20 years spent in the dental field as a dental hygienist and the next 12 years finishing raising our 6 children, I returned to university studies in 2011 and completely changed my employment options. I became a fulltime student at UVU, working on a degree in theater arts and at the same time attended BYU fulltime pursuing my degree in Special Education.

Upon graduation, I worked the next three years in the public middle school system as a special educator, using my theater methods as measures of engagement for my students. Early in 2016, when the opportunity opened for me to come to Lincoln Academy, I jumped at the new adventure.  It has been an amazing experience working with the students here at Lincoln Academy. Their energy and enthusiasm for learning is contagious and I have had a blast as we increase our reading abilities, and share our author’s voice with our writing narratives and essays.

On the personal side, my husband and I share the same hobby…we both are involved with various local theaters. My husband can be seen on many of the local stages sharing stories as an actor. I am one of the people behind-the-scenes, working as a stage manager, set and prop designer. Our six children and their families all live in the intermountain area, so we spend many a weekend playing with our grandchildren, singing around the piano, and shooting a few hoops out on the court.

I love being here at Lincoln Academy and remind my students, “Not only can we do hard things…We can do ALL THINGS!”