Mrs. Call

Audra Call

I LOVE 5th GRADE and being as smart as a 5th grader (although sometimes they are smarter than me:). My passion is U.S. History and Writing, so 5th grade is the perfect fit for me!  I am an avid patriot and love this blessed country in which we live.  One of my goals as a teacher is to instill the love of America and writing in my students.

I received my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education at California State University of Sacramento, then after moving to Utah, I received my Master’s in Elementary Education.  I have also had many opportunities to be involved with education in other professional settings.  I have had the privilege to work with the Utah State Office of Education as a facilitator teaching other educators the Math and English Language Arts curriculum, as well as item writing, range finding, and data review for Utah’s SAGE testing. In 2011, a co-worker and I had the privilege and opportunity to present a fifth grade history unit we created at the Core Knowledge National Conference in Florida, and I have worked closely with the Core Knowledge Foundation in assisting another school to become an official Core Knowledge visitation site. I am continuously seeking out professional development opportunities to further my education as an educator and to continue to improve and learn.

Some of my favorite past times are reading, boating, digital scrapbooking, cleaning (crazy, I know), organizing, traveling, and spending time with my family, and of course eating:).  Mexican food and homemade chocolate chip cookies are my favorite foods, and PEPSI is the drink for me.

I feel blessed to be able to teach and learn from each student that walks through my classroom door.  I look forward to every new school year to be able to share all that I have learned with my students, and to help them achieve personal success.  I also hope to instill the love of learning in my students, so they want to become lifelong learners.