Mr. Kuepper

kuepper_seanI was born in Murray Utah where I still live.  I have been married for five years and my wife and I have a perfect baby girl who was born on August 25th 2013. My heart and family root me to Utah but I look forward to traveling the World during my summers off.

II earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science (Exercise Physiology) from the University of Utah. I have always had a love of science and my coursework in exercise physiology further cemented that love in me. I worked my way through my Bachelor’s degree as both a personal trainer and the aquatics director and lifeguard instructor at Raging Waters Water Park. It wasn’t difficult for me to recognize that my favorite part of both jobs was the time I spent teaching. The day that I realized that I wanted to be a teacher was one of the best days of my life. The next day, I began researching possible Master’s programs at the University of Utah and soon found the perfect one for me and quickly enrolled for the following semester. As a result I earned my Master’s of Science in Exercise and Sport Science (Special Physical Education) In the two years I spent in the Special PE program I was blessed with the opportunity to spend over a thousand hours working with children with disabilities all across the Salt Lake Valley. I spent three semesters as the PE teacher at Carmen Pingree School for Autism as well as four semesters organizing U-FIT, a physical activity program for children with disabilities at the University of Utah.

I couldn’t be more excited to be teaching at Lincoln Academy. I have taught Science and Physical Education at Lincoln Academy for seven years. It has been an amazing experience. I have enjoyed getting to know the staff and students here more than I could have imagined. I learned so much in my first seven years at Lincoln about myself and about teaching. I believe that each of us learns in our own unique way and every person is motivated to learn by very different factors. My goal as a teacher is to reach each student on an individual level. I will strive each day to ensure that students leave my classroom with a sense of wonder and a drive to continue learning outside the classroom. The lessons I remember most from science class are those that involved hands-on learning. Whenever possible I will plan my lessons in a way that allows students to experience the world of science beyond the textbook. This means exploring the outdoors in an effort to make connections with what is taught in the classroom as well as designing, conducting and reflecting on experiments within the classroom and at home.  I look forward to many more years teaching here at Lincoln Academy.