Mr. Carpenter


I grew up in Cedar City, Utah, and have always had an intense interest in science. I joined the Air Force during the Vietnam War and was able to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Astronomy from the University of Arizona. During my 21-year military career, I worked in missile warning systems, photo and target intelligence, and finally satellite control systems. While in the USAF I also earned a Master of Science degree in Space Systems Management. After retiring from the Air Force and prior to beginning my teaching profession, I had employment as a satellite control network engineering support manager, a cabinetmaker, livestock and agricultural worker, and a National Park maintenance worker. In other words, I have had a range of jobs from high tech to low tech.

During my numerous military and civilian assignments, I have worked and lived in several locations throughout the world. They include San Diego and Merced, CA; Tucson, AZ; San Antonio, TX; Biloxi, MS; Thule, Greenland; Seoul, Osan, and Taegu, Korea; Guam; Alton, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Honolulu, HI; Tokyo, Japan; Manchester, MA; Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA; Washington DC; Seychelles; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO; Cedar City, UT; and finally Provo, UT.

My teaching career now spans over years and I have taught Biology, Astronomy, Physical Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra and Geometry. Even before my formal teaching career began, I enjoyed teaching. I have now had the opportunity to teach numerous science topics, to many different kinds of students, having worked with kids in detention and rehabilitation at Provo Canyon School and other kinds of alternative schools, and have had numerous compliments from my students regarding my ability to relate to them and generate an interest in science. With my diverse and varied background, I have been able to provide a rich and interesting approach to the realities and applications of science in every day life.

My wife and I have six successful children and twenty-one grandchildren. I enjoy gardening and home improvement projects. I have participated in scouting activities for over thirty-five years and have backpacked over five hundred miles including several hundred in the Grand Canyon. I actively follow world affairs and enjoy reading (nonfiction, of course) and have a continuing love of learning.