Miss Shurtz


I couldn’t be more thrilled to be returning to the Lincoln Family! This will be my second year of teaching and I’m so excited to continue doing something that I love. I have had a desire to be an Elementary School teacher since I was very young. My mother was a school teacher and her influence on me was very impactful. I chose to work at Lincoln because of the amazing people that are here. I was drawn to the kindness and sincerity of those that I met. I have never seen a school environment that is always so positive and genuine. I hope to bring my own sense of humor and positivity to an already amazing place.

I have always been one to analyze how teachers have taught my peers and I and picked up on traits and characteristics that I wanted to have when I became a teacher. I feel that this will help me to greatly support your students to learn and reach their true potential. One big question that I try to ask myself daily is, “Would I want to be a student in my class?” I LOVE to have fun and laugh. I LOVE to learn and be pushed to the next level. And I LOVE to be myself and work on my talents. I think mistakes make us better and making new friends everyday is exciting. I will make my classroom a safe place where we make mistakes, we teach each other, and we become better thinkers.

I was born and raised in Sandy, UT. I grew up as the youngest of 4 children in a very active family. We spent lots of time playing sports and being in the great outdoors. I played basketball and softball competitively during my childhood and on through high school. I went on to play basketball for Salt Lake Community College during the 2011-2012 season. I then attended Utah State University, and graduated with my degree in May of 2016. I still live near all my family and am the proud aunt of 7 beautiful nieces and nephews, who are my favorite people in the world. I love to go hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and climbing. Basically, I’m joyful when I’m outside with people that I love.

I have so much passion for teaching and learning. I have a fire that seems to become bigger and bigger the longer I spend time in a school. I want to put in every possible effort to help your students succeed and be happy! I can’t wait for an amazing year of learning and growing with your children.