Lincoln Academy incorporates a traditional, well-balanced, parent-friendly math program called Saxon Math that encompasses Utah State Core Standards and emphasizes the following:

  • Students consistently score in the 80th percentile or higher range on national and state assessments
  • Leveled classes with ongoing assessments
  • Teacher Assistants in every classroom with smaller student to teacher ratios
  • Regular daily instruction (55 minutes)
  • Lesson reference guides for each concept previously taught
  • Lessons are 90% review 10% new content allowing students the repetition needed to solidify all concepts
  • Motivated students have the opportunity to progress biased on their individual abilities
  • Traditional math vocabulary, as well as concepts
  • Enrichment and hands-on activities

Saxon Math has successfully proven effective for students, parents and teachers alike that builds a learning environment where students develop the skills and confidence needed for an enriching educational experience.