Language Arts

Lincoln Academy uses researched based programs to meet the Utah Core and the Core Knowledge Curriculum. The combination of these programs help to reach all reading and writing levels.

At Lincoln, we use the Orton/Gillingham methodology for teaching reading and spelling in the younger grades. This methodology incorporates the phonological processing of words and auditory processing of language including auditory discrimination and auditory memory. This multi-sensory method relies on directly teaching the fundamental structure of language. We use this approach to create a solid foundation so that students can read fluently, increase their reading and listening-speaking vocabularies, and understand what they read. These techniques ensure that all students, including at-risk students, will succeed.

The Spalding Method is ideal for mainstream or learning disabled students because it is based on knowledge of how the brain works and on sound educational principles. Spalding gives students essential information about phonics and provides the comprehension strategies needed for proficient reading. Multisensory techniques are used to deliver comprehensive instruction in listening, speaking, spelling, reading, and writing.

Guided Reading
With our Guided Reading program students are leveled and can choose a book on their reading level. In small groups, students work to increase fluency and comprehension. With strategies like, prediction, inference, visualization, questioning and summarization, students develop reading proficiency.

Shared Reading
With Shared reading all students have access to the same texts. These include poetry, fiction and non-fiction selections. During shared reading teachers model the strategies and skills of capable readers. As part of Shared reading students participate in “Close Readings” which takes a text and dissects it for better understanding resulting in better comprehension

Take Home Reader
The A.B.E (A Book Everyday) is the take home reading program that we use to give the students another resource for at home reading. These books are leveled and the students move through the levels as they increase their reading ability. This creates the opportunity to improve fluency and comprehension at the students’ pace.

Write Traits/Six Traits of Writing
For writing instruction Lincoln Academy uses the Write Source and Six Traits of writing. Through this program we are able to effectively teach students how to go through the writing process (pre-write, rough draft, revise, edit, and publish) and use the six traits of writing (content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions) in all the different writing genres.