Counseling/Career Planning

The counselor strives to meet the standards of the Comprehensive Guidance Model required by the state.  Emphasis is placed on Guidance Activities, College/Career Readiness, Responsive Services and Individual Student Planning.  The Counseling Department also provides assistance to Lincoln Academy Administrators in many other areas, as needed.  (iExcel, Anti-Bullying, Suicide Prevention/Awareness, Groups,  Maturation Program, Parent Teacher Conferences, Skills Classes, Parent Contacts, Continuous Training, Multi-Cultural program, School Suspension Classes, Meetings with Feeder Schools, Peer Tutors, Learning Strategies Classes, 504 Coordinator, etc.) Lincoln Academy has make-up packets for 7th and 8th grade English, Health and Social Studies.  Students who need to make up credits can contact the counselor for the packets.  They can be purchased for $25.00.