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Positions Available

We are still accepting new students in 1st grade and Jr. High.  There are limited positions available, so Enroll Now!


We are excited to announce an upcoming opportunity for all ELEMENTARY Students, Kindergarten through 6th grade!
Lincoln Academy will be presenting the musical, ALICE IN WONDERLANDNovember 12th!

This musical will be under the direction of two professional actors/directors from the renowned Traveling Missoula Children’s Theater, from Montana.  They will be holding auditions at Lincoln Academy after school on Monday, November 7th.  The cast will be announced that afternoon and rehearsals will take place Monday the 7th through Friday the 11th, with two performances for friends and family on Saturday, November 12th.There will be a small participation fee of $50 per student and minimal parent involvement.

We are pleased to offer this wonderful opportunity to enhance our children’s fine art education, through this developmentally appropriate experience!

And for all Junior High Students, our new drama teacher, Gabe Spencer, will be directing a Junior High Musical, to be performed in March.
More details to follow!

Please direct all questions to Scharman Grimmer (scharmang@mac.com)

Enrollment 2016-2017

The lottery for the 2016-2017  school year was processed on February 17, 2016.  Applications still continue to be accepted.  Lottery and wait list results have been posted online.  To view your wait list number please return to “admissions and enrollment”.  Enter the user name and password created to enter your students into the lottery.  Please do not create a new account. If you need assistance please contact the front office at 801-756-2039.

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This Year’s Dress Code

The board recently approved some additional colors for the 2016-2017 school year. Check out the new dress code:

Lincoln Dress Code 2016-2017


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